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Long-lasting Waterproofing

In traditional construction, the roof waterproof layer is only separated from the outdoors by one layer. It is naturally easy to crack due to expansion and contraction by the sun and rain. The new dry construction uses double layer of waterproofing and adds a protective layer, which can improve the life span of the waterproof layer.

Cooling Effect

In addition to protecting the waterproof layer, the new thermal insulating layer also has a cooling effect. Under the hot sun, the indoor under the insulating layer could be 5 degrees cooler than without the layer.

Short Construction Time

The dry construction does not involve traditional wet procedures. Since cement drying time is not required, the impact of rainy weather is greatly reduced, and the construction period is effectively controlled.

Quiet Construction Environment

The dry construction avoids destroying the existing roof, minimizes the impact on the residents during the construction period.

Multiple Surface Choices

The dry construction has high flexibility to match different floor materials. Clients can choose different stones: marble, granite, schist, etc., or wood floors, or specify any other surface material.

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