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The “New Bud” building system is a composite building system using light gauge steel frame and rigid wooden component. It is a prefabrication-oriented system requires intensive collaboration with manufacturers, enabling compatible performances in structural strength, repeatable assembly, effective wind resistance and seismic resistance. The system adopts a multi-layered envelope subsystem to eliminate occurrence of thermal bridge, creating stable and comfortable indoor environment.

Since the catastrophic earthquake in Sichuan during 2008, the New Bud Composite System has developed and evolved in 4 schools, 3 nature reserve bases and 1 bank officesponsored by national and international organizations including Dragon Culture Charity Fund, New Asia Sichuan Redevleopment Fund, Ms. Chan Bik Ha, and World Wide Fund (WWF). Its contribution led to multiple awards ranges from Winning Prize, Design Experiment Award Highly Commended, Achievement Award Shortlisted, to Social Equality Award Highly Commended by the WAACA from 2010 to 2016.


Modular Frame Construction System is an innovative light gauge steel frame construction that composed of two key innovations - rigid plug or hinged foldable prop. With the basic structural strength remains intact, the system acquires folding mechanism to allow easy assembly and dismantling procedure. The advanced property enables minimum packing volume for long-distance travel and marine transportation, and fast assembly and relocation operations.

The research conducted in close collaboration with industry partners and was fed directly into both national and international construction projects, including the award winning projects Shenzhen International Conference Media Center (2013) and MSDO School in Nairobi slum of Kenya (2014). The Modular Frame Construction System has directly contributed to provide multi-purpose building among manufacturing industry, and to offer new solution in providing quality spatial product to accommodate exceeding population influx rate in developing country.


Z-Panel system is an integrative solution accommodating structural, constructional, transportational and architectural needs. Each unit is composed of thin structural insulated panels (SIP) with two flanges distributing on opposite sides. Its Z-like free standing panel leads to the reduction in scaffolding usage during construction, and the formation of terraced interior space.

The system was firstly developed in a form of exhibition booth for the 2nd China Charity Fair in 2013, subsequently was further matured in the New Lawuga Charity School in Yushu in 2015. This research was a joint effort of multiple industry partners and manufacturing parties to make its realization possible on a remote plateau approximately 4000m above sea level. Its novelty in construction was awarded for First Prize of Local Academia of Construction Industry Council (2015) by 10 international experts from the engineering and construction fields, as well as Green Leadership Award of FutureArc (2016). The research also contributes on the project management level, which ArchiCAD, a leading Building Information modeling (BIM) program, was utilized to coordinate 90% of production and relevant information among university, manufacturer and contractor.


Checkered Playroom is a lightweight prefabrication product of the Spatial Panel System, a synthesis product integrating playground, house, furniture and toy into one. It is composed of series of connected open box module with Structural Insulated Panel (SIP), forming compatible strength equivalent to waffle spanning structure. It is highly customized to be developed accordingly for various climatic, functional, and site conditions. Due to its prefabrication nature and the usage of wooden material, on-site assembly and dismantling processes can be done quickly with only manpower and portable tools.

Sponsored by Beijing Western Sunshine Rural Development Foundation, Checkered Playroom has developed, evolved and duplicated with close collaboration with industry partner for over 90 times across 13 provinces since 2015. It is realized as a China’s remote villages’ annex building, a Service Lakeside Teahouse in Shanghai city (2015), and a national pavilion of the 15th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition (2016). The research’s direct contribution is recognized by the CIC Innovation Award Finalist of Construction Industry Council in 2017, over 10 articles and publications, over 10 exhibitions and forums, and media exposure reaching more than 100k views.


The Modular Steel Frame System is a highly adaptive housing prototype that is exclusively applicable for cross-country construction. It is a steel-wood composite construction system compiled with prefabricated modular components, allowing flexible combination for various site condition and programme. The system is highlighted with long-lasting durability, high comfortability, great wind resistance, and promising seismic resistance up to Degree X on Mercalli Intensity Scale.

The research was adopted in an award winning project APSARAS Resort in Siargao, Philippines Apart from its innovation on construction level, it develops a novel cooperation model between private sectors to enable products from 33 manufacturers be systematically gathered, transported, and assembled by professional builders and local workers.


Modular Platform System comprises lightweight prefabricated steel frame and steel composite floor slab enclosures, and is recently adopted at Meili Primary School in Shenzhen (2018) under the umbrella of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area development. Its design for quick assembly and dismantling procedures directly contributes to addressing sustainable issue that the architectural and constructional industries have desperately called for. The system’s modular nature, adjustable enclosure and partitions generate wide spectrum of usage including classrooms in various sizes, music room, multi-purpose room, office, clinic, and dormitories for students and staff.

The research result is a product of various industries and disciplinaries, which experts from related fields are collaborated to ensure promising quality and safety of the project. Among series of expert forums, news and media exposure of over 100k views, the research demonstrates itself as a pioneer innovation in urban context with rapid population growth and other development issues.

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